7 septiembre 2007

30 agosto 2007

  • Nueva herramienta de Widgets (el hasta ahora conocido como la herramienta de Embedded Media)
  • El incrustado de RSS feeds ha sido ahora incluida en la anteriormente mencionada herramienta de Widgets, esto debería hacer que incrustar RSS feeds fuera más fácil.

2 agosto 2007

  • Los usuarios actuales pueden ahora asociar una cuenta OpenID con sus cuentas de Wikispaces. Haz click en "My Account" y busca "OpenID Account" en la parte de abajo de la página
  • Ahora se puede accederse a los RSS feeds de los wikispacios privados sin tener que usar un nombre de usuario y una clave, puesto que esto no es admitido por todos los lectores RSS. Ahora esos RSS feeds deberían poder ser usados en cualquier lector RSS.
  • Función de subtítulo de imágenes. En editor visual, hacer click en una imagen re permitirá escribir una subtítulo para esa imagen. En el Editor de texto, la marca de imagen aparece como [[image:FILENAME caption="Este es el subtítulo"]]
  • La etiqueta o marca rss ahora admite el atributo"enclosure" lo que hará que se muestren los medios incluidos en tu página RSS. Esto te permitirá incrustar podcasts con audio y vídeo o feeds que contengan imágenes

17 July 2007

  • Adimisión de OpenID para usuarios que tengan cuentas OpenID.
  • Añadido una preferencia de usuario, el envío de un e-mail cuando se recibe un mensaje de otro usuario.
  • Añadido una preferencia de usuario, limitar el tipo de usuario que pueda enviarte mensajes privados
  • Los e-mails de Discussion son ahora enviados en HTML, teniendo así completa admisión de wikitexto
  • Añadida una marca [[rtl]] para complementar a [[ltr]. Esta última especifica que el texto, por defecto, debe ser mostrado de izquierda a derecha. Aquella debe ayudarte si estás haciendo una hoja de estilo que sea por defecto de izquierda a derecha
  • Nueva apariencia para la página principal (cuando no has firmado)
  • Arreglados varios fallos, incluyendo:
    • Enlaces que aparecen en rojo (rotos) aunque las páginas existen
    • Imágenes centradas que causan que se añadan nuevas líneas cada vez que la página es grabada
    • Las Secciones de Código cuyo contenido aparece todo en una sola línea en la página que muestra las diferencias visualmente
    • Los usuarios del Bubble theme ya tienen el nuevo menú de página desplegable
    • La marca [[rss]] ha sido mejorada para admitir una mayor variedad de feeds RSS y ATOM, incluyendo google reader

6 July 2007

  • Fixed styling problem affecting search box
  • User Profile Pages - Users can now edit the page that their name links to by clicking on their username at the top right
  • Improved Text Editor - The text editor shares the same toolbar as the visual editor, making text editing easier
  • Page Sub Menu - A drop down menu was added to the page tab in the Original, Bubble, and OneBox themes. It provides links to some common page functions including print and backlinks
  • file name aliases added to wikitext:
    File Not Found
    File Not Found

26 June 2007

  • Private Label dashboard statistic page has been given a speed boost

20 June 2007

  • Merging concurrent edits now takes place when there is a clean merge. This means there will be less concurrent edit warnings while multiple people are editing the same page, and there will be less of a chance of overwriting another person's changes with your own.
  • WebDAV support for files, pages, and page history. Read only support was added for all spaces, and full support is enabled for all Super spaces and Private Labels. The full WebDAV features include creating, editing, renaming and deleting pages and files.

5 June 2007

  • Added 2 new variables, 1 and 1 which gives you the number of members and organizers in your wikispace.
  • Fixed a bug with newlines appearing after the math sections.
  • Removed star/favorite pages from your list of favorites when the page has been deleted
  • Better file type detection on uploaded files

21 May 2007

  • Added support for LaTeX math formulas using the math tag:
The code:
\tilde{f}(\omega)=\int_{-\infty}^{\infty} f(t) e^{-i\omega t}\,dt
Displays as:
tilde{f}(omega)=int_{-infty}^{infty} f(t) e^{-iomega t},dt
tilde{f}(omega)=int_{-infty}^{infty} f(t) e^{-iomega t},dt

The code:
-\frac{\hbar^2}{2m}\nabla^2 \Psi + V\Psi=i \hbar \frac{\partial \Psi}{\partial t}
Displays as:
-frac{hbar^2}{2m}nabla^2 Psi + VPsi=i hbar frac{partial Psi}{partial t}
-frac{hbar^2}{2m}nabla^2 Psi + VPsi=i hbar frac{partial Psi}{partial t}

  • Added FreeFind to the list of search engines
  • Fixed a bug where HTML would show up when searching pages that included other pages
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't have 2 headings in a row in a table cell

24 April 2007

  • Wikitext variables - Get information about your page or wikispace inserted on your page. Useful for building templates or making reusable includes
  • Page Includes now have 2 new options, title and editable
  • Code blocks can now be put inside of table cells
  • Pages that contain includes to pages with RSS feeds now properly update the RSS feed

13 April 2007

  • New subscription level - Super - Compare the plans here
  • Custom domain names (e.g. yourwiki.com or wiki.yourdomain.com)
  • New discussion permissions allow limiting discussion message posts to space members
  • Newlines and lists are now supported in tables
  • Better image tool support for various browser window sizes (including small screens)
  • url encode tag output supported in the theme system
  • Full set of exponents in the editor "insert character" tool
  • Bug fixes:
    • Create template from existing page
    • Embedded media shows up in HTML backups
    • Truncate long page names in the visual editor link popup
    • Urls that end in ( or ) parsed correctly into links

9 March 2007

  • Fixed tag layout problem in Mac and Linux Firefox
  • Embedded RSS now includes author display option
  • Avoid spurious IE 6 SSL security warnings
  • New Creative Commons version 3 licenses
  • Removed old "content" id div, eliminates interference with custom theme elements
  • Fixed print-mode layout in IE 7

23 February 2007

  • Page templates containing embedded media now bring the embedded media into new pages
  • Private spaces can now reference their own RSS feeds using our rss tag without authentication problems
  • Better stats display on narrow screens
  • A-Z jumplist on page stats page

2 February 2007

  • Don't convert images to absolute URLs in wikitext for spaces that use HTTPS
  • Enable the Firefox spell checker in the visual editor
  • Prevent double-clicking the edit button, which breaks the visual editor
  • Take Opera users directly to the text editor

1 February 2007

  • Insert code tool added to the visual editor to aid in adding highlighted source code
  • Fixed a bug with bold/underline/italics not being removed correctly
  • Trailing > are no longer added to the end of lists
  • Added Theme conditional tags WikiIsHttps, WikiIsNotHttps, WikiIsPageContext, WikiIsNotPageContext and others. See the themes page for details
  • Changed how the image tool in the editor works when you have a lot of images in a space
  • Changed how members and organizers are displayed in a space when you have a lot of members
  • Fixed a bug where 2 links with descriptions on the same line would eat the text between them and merge into one link
  • Fixed autosave with pages that contain a question mark or accented character

29 January 2007

  • additional HTTP headers to avoid overzealous proxies

26 January 2007

  • embedded media changes:
    • preview embedded media before saving in the visual editor
    • visual preview of embedded media in the editor (e.g. how a YouTube video will look upon saving)
    • editing of existing media embeds: click on the preview image, then click the embedded media button
  • huge changes under the hood for future features
  • allow apostrophes in filenames
  • new theme tags: <$WikiUserName$>, <$WikiPageName$>
  • show an image for an anchor in the visual editor
  • login and join pages now submit through SSL
  • old Atom feeds now show the description when included using rss
  • show "Join this Space" even when not logged in, returning to the join space page upon signup/login
  • signatures now work properly in private messages (- manuelflr manuelflr Sep 18, 2007 and - manuelflr manuelflr)
  • show correct "to address" instead of "from address" in sent mail folder
  • fix PRE and CODE font sizes in Internet Explorer
  • tag list now has 2 tabs for current space and all spaces
  • in tag list, show all tags - not just your own
  • handle pages that contain CDATA inside RSS 2.0 feeds
  • anchors and link URLs don't appear in the TOC when they are in a heading
  • don't show compare link for single-revision histories

4 January 2007

  • Fixed a bug in our change notification emails that caused blank messages in OS X (Mail.app and Entourage)

5 December 2006

  • What's that new mailbox icon on top of the page? It's member to member messages! You've now got your own personal inbox and the ability to send messages to your friends and announcements to spaces you belong to. When you've got new messages, you'll see the count on the top of the page.
  • International characters are now allowed in all page names and links.
  • You can now delete your user picture - click on Settings, Change Picture and the link to remove your picture.
  • Lots of little bugs squashed: template lists in the right order, email subjects are fully UTF-8 compliant, more straightforward space invitation / join process, and more.
  • On the infrastructure side, we've added our own redundant DNS servers for faster-than-ever performance and increased reliability.

21 November 2006

  • OpenSearch support: You can add a Wikispaces search to Firefox 2.0 or Internet Explorer 7.0. Have a look at your search box when using these web browsers and you'll see a way to add a Wikispaces search.
  • RSS feeds for search results: To subscribe, click the RSS link on the search results page.

15 November 2006

  • Page templates are now available. You can create and manage templates by clicking "Manage Space" and then "Manage Templates". The templates you create will be available to your space members as a starting point when creating new pages in your space. You can use the
    [Invalid Include: Page not found: pagename]
    wikitext tags in your templates to make pages based on the template contain dynamic content.
  • Added some tools to allow us to better manage off-topic discussions in the main discussion area

10 November 2006

  • Added a customizable description section above the discussion list to provide users with instructions on what the discussion area should be used for, or to direct them to other pages. Add a description to a page's discussion by clicking the "discussion" tab, and then "add description".

9 November 2006

  • Simplified 'Page History' layout - check it out by clicking the 'history' tab on any page.

24 October 2006

  • The user posting the last message in a thread is now shown in the list of message threads
  • The bug where existing page/new page link colors were incorrect is now fixed
  • Added a printable page view link to List Pages

19 October 2006

  • Fixed a number of bugs that would prevent Internet Explorer 7 from working. If you are using IE 7 and something isn't working for you, please add it to the bugs page, or email help@wikispaces.com

16 October 2006

  • Concurrent editing detection - you'll now see a popup with details about when someone else is editing the same page as you. See our blog for more details.
  • Space organizers can now revoke pending invitations.

12 October 2006

  • You can change the URL bar/bookmark favicon.ico file in a custom theme.
  • The insert-link tool has been updated to give more detailed warning messages if you are trying to create a link that is invalid, or trying to link to a page that cannot be created.

26 September 2006

  • New! Floating toolbar in the visual editor. Click "try our new floating toolbar" in the visual editor to see it. Let us know what you think in the floating toolbar discussion area.

18 September 2006

  • improvements to the visual editor, especially with bulleted and numbered lists and indenting using the > character
> newlines are now supported in lists. To add a newline to a list item, hold Shift and press Enter
> indenting using multiple > characters works

1 September 2006

  • Page Redirects - Once page can be set to redirect to another page. This is useful when renaming a page or changing the structure of your wiki while maintaining the old URLs
  • Fix unicode characters in space badges
  • Embedded Media handles custom HTML better (fixes a bug with Javascript in the HTML)
  • Fix a bug in HTML export where links wouldn't use anchors on the target page

22 August 2006

  • Thanks to some changes behind the scenes, we expect Wikispaces to be faster than ever.
  • A bug with spaces in uploaded image filenames has been fixed.
  • Space backups now expand files into a subdirectory instead of at the same place as your backup file.

14 August 2006

  • Align Images - images can now be floated to the left or right of the paragraph, or centered on the page. To align an image, click on it in the visual editor and select alignment from the popup window.
  • Image Links - images can now be linked to other pages (at wikispaces or elsewhere on the web). Click on an image in the visual editor and click "Add Link" and use the usual image selection tool.
  • Page includes - one page can be included from another page using the
    [Invalid Include: Page not found: pagename]
    tag. You can only include a page from the current space.
  • Code level differences - sometimes changes to a page aren't reflected in the visual differences page. You can now switch to the code level mode from the differences page. This will highlight changes to link URLs, images, alignment, style changes, and other things that aren't obvious from the visual changes page.
  • Enhancements to the Embedded Media functionality - Additional types, including skype, BlipTV, Slide, and IRows. Also, detect custom height and width for recognized media tags.

3 August 2006

  • Email Notifications - receive emails every time someone (other than you) changes a wiki page.
    • You can get notifications for changes to an entire space by going to Recent Changes on the left menu and then clicking on the notify me tab
    • You can get notifications for changes to a particular page by clicking on the notify me tab at the top of the page
    • You can get notifications for all of you favorite (star) pages by changing your user settings with the Settings link at the top of the screen
  • Lock pages - Space organizers can lock individual pages to prevent them from being changed by anyone who is not an organizer. To lock a page, go to Manage Space on the left menu, and then click the List Page link. Here you can lock and unlock pages by clicking on the "lock" and "unlock" link.

19 July 2006

  • Saved Drafts - you can save your unfinished changes to a page without making the changes public. To return where you left off, edit the page again and you will be prompted to load your draft, or discard the changes.
  • Autosave - a saved draft will be created for you periodically. If your browser closes, all of your changes won't be lost.
  • You can now remove your space logo from the look and feel page

13 July 2006

  • We've completely redone and updated our site tour. The new tour is a series of short movies about getting started with Wikispaces and our features. Take a look (and listen to my lovely speaking voice) at http://www.wikispaces.com/site/tour

12 July 2006

  • RSS / Atom feeds now show full pages instead of ~1000 character cutoff
  • www space searches default to all public spaces; use tab to limit to just the www space
  • Atom feeds now default to version 1.0

10 July 2006

  • Embedded Media - now you can put YouTube movies, Google Calendars, Odeo podcasts, Gabbly, and much more right on your wiki page. Learn more at http://blog.wikispaces.com/2006/07/wikispaces-now-with-media-applications.html
  • Better support for link names in the visual editor - guess at the page name if it already exists, or pre-fill the name for new pages
  • Backups now include custom stylesheets and files are dated per their last revision
  • Warn when navigating away from unsaved changes in the plain wikitext editor
  • Confirmation message on changing from public <-> private space permissions
  • Handle links to home pages consistently to always go to spacename.wikispaces.com/

22 June 2006

  • Brand new themeing system:
    • All spaces can now choose from multiple visual themes, as well as set text colors, background colors, and their logo - click on "Manage Space" and "Look and Feel"
    • Plus and Private Label spaces can create their own themes: full HTML and CSS control over the look and feel of their site
    • All themes feature easier-to-read tabs and edit buttons
    • The "Bubble" theme offers a clean rounded-corner look with highlighted side menus
    • The "OneBox" theme has no side menu, instead offering the full page width for page content
    • The "AquaFluid" theme shows the extent to which themes can be customized
    • Subscribers also have full control of the styles of their wikitext
  • Tags can now be set when editing a page and are visible at the bottom of pages for the person who set them
  • Workaround for Safari users to support the plain wikitext editor

2 May 2006

27 April 2006

  • New space stats graphs - read more at the Wikispaces blog
  • Discussion counts now show how many posts are on each page
  • Simplified invitation process
  • Search now hints at matching space names
  • Improved search operators: plus, minus, and quotes work more consistently
  • Discussion followups no longer go to yourself if you post to your own thread

6 April 2006

  • Messages in the discussion areas are now sorted by last update date, rather than first post date
  • Space organizers can delete messages in their discussion areas

2 April 2006

  • Page counters have returned! See 'List Pages' under 'Manage Space'.
  • RSS feeds for pages and spaces are now 'autodiscoverable' in Firefox and many feedreaders

24 March 2006

  • Brand new front page on Wikispaces.com (must be signed out to see)
  • RSS tag now better supports ATOM feeds
  • added date and length options to RSS tag

22 March 2006

  • Corrected urls in spaces badges to work on all domains

21 March 2006

  • Fix incorrect link from a page to the "upload file" page
  • Added the ability to show changes between any two versions of a page
  • Rss feeds are handled better when showing changes between versions of a page
  • You can now escape rss tags again using double back-ticks
  • Fixed a bug where having headings in your space.menu navigation caused problems with the Table of Contents
  • 468x60 space badge is no longer blank
  • Search engines will no longer index edit pages

6 March 2006

  • File delete available on the "Manage Space" page
  • File rename available on the "Manage Space" page

2 March 2006

  • full, linked HTML space backups (with files) now available in Manage Space
  • pages with user signatures (e.g. - jbyers
    Mar 2, 2006 5:32 pm) now show the time in your timezone
  • fixed a search bug for space names containing hyphens
  • user picture cropper now properly accepts PNGs and GIFs in addition to JPEGs
  • tags now removed from deleted pages
  • better link support for ftp, mailto
  • additional server redundancy

6-10 February 2006

  • fixed condition where private space RSS feeds (authenticated under SSL) failed to load
  • corrected a hostname bug in the live changes badge (click 'Manage Space' and 'Space Badges' on your space to see all the badge options)
  • many internal improvements for future scalability

25 January 2006

  • 10x speed improvement on XML feeds
  • more obvious links to page diffs under visual changes images
  • reliability improvements for blog integration

9 January 2006

  • delete page feature added to the page list under Manage Space
  • rename page feature also added to the page list under Manage Space

1-7 January 2006

  • upload size limit increased to 5MB per file
  • clarify message when an organizer clicks on an already-handled join request
  • show subscription messages only to space members
  • only show one revision per page per day on the live changes badge (click 'Manage Space' and 'Space Badges' on your space to see all the badge options)

20 December 2005

  • Fix space backup and file downloads under SSL with Internet Explorer
  • Improved Blogger and Typepad integration backend

15 December 2005

  • Completely new WYSIWYG visual editor
    • What You See is now almost exactly What You Get
    • instant editor popup when viewing a page
    • inline file selection and upload (click on the tree photo)
    • drag the corners of images to resize
    • linefeeds are now saved to preserve formatting
    • much easier to create links to other pages in your space - highlight text and click the world icon
  • save, preview, edit buttons on the top and bottom of both editors
  • anchors no longer disappear in the visual editor
  • no longer need spaces around heading text (used to require =text= , now =text= will work too)
  • better support for nested lists
  • image width, height support (see the image wikitext page for details)
  • upload any type of files, not just images
    • files can be inserted into douments and will appear with a filename and file type icon
    • all uploaded files are virus checked for safety
  • underline wikitext rule: underlined shows up as underlined
  • screencaptures are fixed; see a page's history for snapshots of how the page changed over time
  • fixed various link display and parsing bugs
  • better site performance
  • better handling of table of contents data
  • rename "comments" to "discussion"
  • better support for international characters in links

16 November 2005

  • blog integration is now publicly available - link entries on your blog to long-lived pages on your wikispace

14 November 2005

  • external images are now allowed via the image tag, details are on image tags

8 November 2005

  • space badges are now available for linking to your wikispace - click 'Manage Space' and 'Space Badges' to see all of the options

14 October 2005

  • RSS feeds embedded in pages now strip HTML tags out of descriptions
  • images with characters such as parentheses display correctly

11 October 2005

  • space privacy options:
    • public - anyone can view, edit
    • protected - anyone can view, only space members can edit
    • private - only space members can edit and view ($5/month or $50/year)
  • spaces are optionally ad-free ($5/month or $50/year)
  • you may now join spaces as a member or organizer
    • members see their spaces listed on the front page
    • organizers can control space settings
  • even more speed improvements for wiki pages, especially large ones
  • license chooser: all Creative Commons options as well as GNU FDL
  • more powerful space invitations
  • fixed multibyte characters displaying improperly inside "code" tags

31 August 2005

  • substantial speed improvements site-wide

25 August 2005

  • fixed front page search to search all public spaces
  • restored global activity links on front page
  • updated top pages menu

24 August 2005

  • our big August 2005 Design is live including
    • left side menus
    • rounded corners
    • "My Spaces" list
    • refreshed form layouts
    • better link organization between side, top, and bottom menus
  • searches now default to the space you're in only, with an option to search all public pages
  • right-to-left text is now available using rtl (see wikitext)

13 July 2005

  • automatic anti-spam measures (spam has details)
  • .zip and .tgz site content backups (see help)
  • easy switching between visual and plain text editors during edits
  • more prominent result count on search
  • fixed front page title
  • corrected navigation links in space pages
  • corrected error page layout
  • better username error message on registration

20 June 2005

6 June 2005

  • clarified message navigation
  • fixed space/directory pagination bug
  • removed rss 1.0 links (still available by URL)
  • top spaces page by edits, pages, views
  • code blocks - more information
  • fix links to exclude /home from url
  • if no changes are made on an edit, the page isn't saved
  • URL bug fixed for browsers w/o javascript clicking 'show options' on a space home page
  • personal spaces are no longer auto-created spaces for new members
  • my page now shows all spaces a member belongs to

1 June 2005

  • visual page history
  • easy revert system for pages
  • improved layout when viewing previous versions of pages
  • strip wikitext from toc headlines (i.e. //, , [[, )* history pagination* fix bug with multiple plain urls in a row* default guests to the visual editor==27 May 2005== * major update to visual editor: link editing, bold / italics bugs, arrow keys in Mozilla / Firefox* corrected escape characters (backticks) wikitext bug* images list showing all images in a space* new about page
  • space description in space/edit
  • space directory at space/directory
  • better diff highlighting
  • search pagination
  • corrected search results character bug
  • tags removed from front page
  • fix filtering by subject in message display

13 May 2005

  • corrected UTF-8 character bug (see note)
  • added Reply-To header to invitation email
  • special pages list
  • namespace-specific searching e.g. "test space:www"
  • new pages are no longer search-engine indexed

2 May 2005

  • front page display of most active users and spaces
  • invite friends form
  • removal of first name, last name requirement on signup
  • front page signup form for existing users, join form for new users

28 April 2005

  • space-wide RSS / Atom feeds for messages, edits, all changes
  • monospace text now available using {{ curly braces
  • fixed international characters (UTF8) in the visual editor
  • corrected pagination in space-specific recent changes
  • fixed search to return full results
  • corrected broken photo upload capability for a subset of members
  • created
    tag (see wikitext)
  • recent changes, messages now shows the last 30 days only
  • corrected headers on all 404 pages

8 April 2005

  • links to pages that don't exist now appear in red (thanks to - sptrashcan
    for the feature request)
  • fixed bug in similar message links on discussion view pages
  • page changes tracking fixed for pages with spaces in their names
  • several tweaks to the visual editor to clean up non-breaking spaces, multiple linebreaks, tables of contents
  • flickr tag-related images are now served from an iframe and cached for performance
  • rss links are now styled into orange buttons on mouse-over
  • page history, changes now show lock symbol if the page has been protected

28 March 2005